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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)

Season: 35-13 (.729)

San Diego (10/29/2015) – All apologies for being late off the schnide this week, especially with such a big game on the menu. There’s a slight chance the Coastal League could end up in a 3-way tie, but that’s no fun to talk about so we’re here to blab about the Coastal Sports “Game of the Season.”

Santa Fe Christian (7-1, 3-0 CL) shocked the world last week with its 51-8 victory over the reigning league champions. La Jolla Country Day (7-1, 2-0) has been picking on oppnents much bigger than them all season long, but those who haven’t packed much punch. The Eagles have proved doubters wrong and shut a lot of people up, but last week might have taken every last ounce of energy they had in them. The Torreys’ offense might just prove to be too much to handle with everything on the line….La Jolla Country Day 34, Santa Fe Christian 31.

Other Picks:

Bishop’s 48, Parker 6

Coronado 34, San Diego 13

La Jolla 27, Scripps Ranch 20

Eagles Soar to New Heights on Senior Day

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By Andrew Smith

San Diego (10/24/2015) – For those who aren’t familiar with Santa Fe Christian, it may come as a shock that they broadcast their games online at (all right reserved). What’s even more breaking news is that for the first time in their 10-year broadcast career they actually made a bright insight when they proclaimed, “It doesn’t matter who we were going to play today…it was the wrong day to mess with the Eagles.”

That proclaiment couldn’t be heard any louder after 21 junior starters laid an absolute beat down on the reigning Coastal League champs with an authoritative 51-8 victory over Bishop’s on “Senior Day.”

““It was a huge win for us and it just brings us more motivation going into next week’s game against La Jolla Country Day,” said GAVIN DILL after registering 3.5 of the Eagles’ 10 quarterback sacks on the day. “They were a good team and we had extra motivation form last year’s 35-3 loss…so revenge and playing for a league title this year was definitely on our minds.”

The opening drive for the Knights (4-4, 1-1 Coastal League) began with such promise as they gained 33 yards on six plays, but little did they know that was quietly going to be the end of the road for them.

We put in a lot of hard work and perparation this week at practice to get this win,” quarterback CONNOR WHITTON admitted. “Our coaches crafted a perfect game plan and everyone did a great job of executing it.”

Whitton scored the game’s first touchdown on a quarterback sneak, but the flood gates were left wide open after that. HANK ONTIVEROS had a pair of rushing touchdowns and R.J. WALKER added another. DEMITRI WASHINGTON also had a big day on defense forcing the Knights’ QB to scramble on what seemed like every single down.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)

Season: 33-11 (.750)

San Diego (10/22/2015) – It’s been a rough start to this year’s Coastal League play and momma taught me a long time ago “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all.” Finally, we will get some competition in the last three weeks of the regular season and that starts Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. When Bishop’s takes on Santa Fe Christian in the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

The Knights (4-3, 1-0 Coastal League) would like to erase last week’s game from their memories forever. They won the turnover battle 4-1 over University City, but thanks to 8 sack and 5 failed attempts on fourth down they were shutout in the second half of a 20-19 defeat.

That can’t be good news for their next opponent, no matter who it is…

It’s going to be a odd scene in Solana Beach and the pre-game ceremony for “Senior Night” should be short and sweet considering only one starter will be honored on an almost all underclassmen team.

Flying high on a 5-game win streak, the Eagles’ (6-1, 2-0 CL) offense enters the game on a roll. Having said that, they haven’t faced a defense like this or even close so far this season. It will be interesting to see how they react when they aren’t scoring at will and actually have to play a tough team.

The biggest match-up of the game will be Bishop’s MOZES MOONEY vs. the SFC secondary. The sophomore has virtually been uncoverable this season and the Eagles haven’t stepped onto the field against anyone close to his level of talent. They shouldn’t focus on stopping him because that won’t happen, instead they just need to try and contain him.

It definitely helps when CALEB PHILLIPS is the leader of the defense that gets faced with that challenge. Heading into last week’s game he led the county in tackles and currently sits third with 89. He’s also a threat as one of QB CONNOR WHITTON’s favorite targets offensively. Both will need to lead their respective units better than they have all year long and they are more than capable of it.

This will be the second straight year the game will be hosted by Santa Fe as the Knights have to play every game on the road this season while La Jolla HS get a new field. Bishop’s is the favorite to win it’s second straight league crown, but an Eagles’ upset isn’t really as far-fetched as you might think. However, to be the champ you have to beat the champs and until that actually happens it’s….Bishop’s 34, Santa Fe Christian 27.

LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (6-1, 2-0 CL) vs HORIZON (1-7, 0-2 CL)

@ Helix HS– 7

The Torreys are an unstoppable force right now and have yet to meet an immovable object. That’s not good news for the Panthers and unluckily their long season is only going to get worse this week. Expect a lop-sided score on the board at the end of the night because if no one else can stop the Torreys right now, don’t expect that to change this week….La Jolla Country Day 56, Horizon 6.

LA JOLLA (3-4, 0-1 WL) vs #8 Madison (5-2, 2-0 WL) – 6:30

The Western League is going to be decided on the final night of the regular season when undefeated Mission Bay and the Warhawks collide with it all on the line. The Vikings have only put together one good win all season and that was a shocking upset over a No. 9 ranked Christian team at the time. Don’t expect them to pull off another Top-10 miracle this time around….Madison 42, La Jolla 13.

CORONADO (3-4, 0-2 CL) vs Clairemont (4-3, 1-0 CL) – 6:30

The Islanders season has been unpredictable and they have lost some games they probably shouldn’t. Kearny embarrassed them last week and being winless in the Central League can’t be a good feeling, no matter who you are. Still they don’t have enough in them to go on the road and win one….Clairemont 21, Coronado 13.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 5-0 (1.000)

Season: 31-9 (.775)

San Diego (10/15/2015) – There have been a couple of blemishes for the Bishop’s Knights (4-2) this season, but now they have a chance to make a few statements before the end of the regular season. Currently they are the fourth seed in the Division IV playoff rankings and sitting right ahead of them is the University City (5-1) team they face off against Friday night in the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

We’re not worried about what happened last week or the week before or so on,” said head coach JOEL ALLEN. “We know we hold our future in our hands and we’re playing better as a team every week so we’re taking it one game at a time.”

You can name off all the Kinghts’ offensive stats until you’re blue in the face, but this defensive unit is one of the best around…

Defensive lineman DANIEL ANDERSON (6.5 sacks) is a star and demands a double-team at all times. That frees up linebackers RICHARD HAGESTAD (9.5 sacks) and JUSTIN WOODLEY (5 sacks) to do their thing. If you’re lucky enough to get the ball into the air JACK CASE (5 int) and MOZES MOONEY (4) lead a secondary that has 17 picks on the season.

The Centurions may only have one loss on their record, but they haven’t beaten anyone really good. Last year’s game (also played at UC) ended in a 42-13 win for the Knights, but this is a new year and a new team. Having said that, I think one team is starving to make a statement in the so-called “power rankings” floating around right now and I think they will….Bishop’s 35, University City 21.


Unfortunately for the Lancers, they are in a really down year and there are three very good Coastal League teams that they have no chance to compete against at this particular time. If that weren’t enough, for the second straight week they are faced with having to deal with a homecoming crowd. For the Torreys it’s an “Endless Summer” theme this year, but they have been making opponents feel like it has been an endless night on the field.

Junior RYAN LARICCIA leads all of San Diego county in tackles with 76 on the season and QB BRAXTON BURMEISTER hasn’t been stopped by any team this year. He’s averaging 265 yards a game through the air with 19 touchdowns to only 1 interception. On top of that, has 501 rushing yards and 15 scores on the ground.

Parker was shutout by SFC last week and now face a defense that has pitched two straight scoreless games while outscoring them 99-0. That sounds like anything but a recipe for success. It shouldn’t take the Lancers to be back soon, but for now….La Jolla Country Day 56, Francis Parker 0.

SANTA FE CHRISTIAN (5-1) vs HORIZON (1-6) @ Serra HS – 7

The Eagles only blemish this season came in a game against a top-notch Bishop Diego program in which they held a 21-10 fourth quarter lead. This young flock of juniors hasn’t dropped the ball since outscoring their last four opponents 191-16. What’s even more amazing is how well rounded their team really is because they play as a complete unit.

Their defense plays together with several helmets swarming to the ball from all over the field and every single player on offense that touches the play can score on any play. In fact, last week 8 different players reached the end zone so good luck scheming for that.

On the other hand, it’s been a long season for the Panthers to this point. They have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off not only trying to look for answers, but they are just looking for anyone that really wants to play right now. On a 15-man roster they’ve had several injuries over the last few weeks…so I think you can do the math.

Much like Parker, don’t expect this Horizon team to be on the down slide for a while. All it takes is more men on the sidelines and a few good players to do a complete 180 degree turn in the future, but in the present it’s….Santa Fe Christian 48, Horizon 6.

CORONADO (3-3) vs Kearny (2-5) – 7

The Islanders season has been pretty straight forward so far as they have beaten up on the three bad teams they faced and haven’t been very competitive against the good teams. Consider the Komets in that first group. They have losses on their resume this season to Monte Vista, Santana and even El Cajon Valley. This won’t be a blowout bit it will result in….Coronado 35, Kearny 20.

Football Players of the Week — Week 7

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Photo coming soon…

Sharing with your brother is just a part of life whether you like it or not and this time it’s no different. The QB/WR sophomore duo had a night to remember in their 54-12 win over Horizon earning them co-player of the week honors. Jeffrey had only 13 completions, but 4 of those went for touchdowns and he had 240 total yards (212 pass, 28 rush). One of those scoring strikes went to Jacob who finished with 8 receptions for 105 yards and also had a interception, with a 42-yards return on top that.



The senior captain of the Torreys’ defense led them to their second straight shutout victory with a 49-0 win over San Ysidro one week after a 50-0 beat down of Montgomery. In that span, the linebacker has led them with 19 tackles and has also deflected two passes while barking out all the calls as well.

Week 7 Roundup

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San Diego (10/10/2015) – For the first time all season everything went exactly as planned. The predictable blowouts were just that and the one close game was decided by one point as Mission Bay (6-0) stayed undefeated with a 14-13 victory over La Jolla (3-4).
BISHOP’S 54, HORIZON 12 – Sophomore quarterback JEFFREY JACKSON threw 4 touchdown passes to help the Knights (4-2, 1-0 Coastal Legaue) cruise to the easy victory. MOZES MOONEY caught two of those (9, 24 yds) and also returned an interception 35 yards for a score. JUSTIN WOODLEY (52 yds) and JACOB JACKSON hauled in the others while WYATT CHARRETTE had two rushing scores from 2 and 24 yards out. One of the lone highlights for the Panthers (1-6, 0-1 CL) came when THOMAS MARCUS hit OSCAR CORDOVA for a 32-yard score.
SANTA FE CHRISTIAN 56, FRANCIS PARKER 0 – Sometimes “life’s a beach” like it was for the Eagles (5-1, 1-0) homecoming. But when it’s not, it was almost too hard to even watch how far the Lancers (2-5, 0-1) have fallen so quickly. On their final drive of the game they had a 27-yard run and that turned out to be more yards than they had compiled throughout the rest of the game.
R.J. WALKER opened up the scoring with a 10-yard run and also scored the game’s final score ripping off a 50-yard run. CONNER WHITTON threw 3 touchdown passes and ran for another. CALEB ARMENDARIZ made several of pretty moves on his 51-yard score, CALEB PHILLIPS looked like he was playing against first graders being completely uncovered on a 23-yard TD catch and MATT McROSKEY toyed with defenders on his 18-yard scoring reception. DEMETRI WASHINGTON also had a 10-yard touchdown run.
LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY 49, San Ysidro 0 – It almost seems like the Torreys (5-1) haven’t gotten so bored with their dominating 5-game win streak that they have started to try things for fun just to see what happens. Well…when things are going good even they seem to work.
Case in point was the play they pulled off in the second quarter where BRAXTON BURMEISTER hit TREVOR RUDOLPH with a 10-yard pass and then he pitched it to PETER ELTAEB who ran it in for the last 23 yards. Burmeister also had a 70-yard touchdown run and threw 4 touchdowns passes. Two of those went to CASEY MARIUCCI (15, 21), one went for 36 yards to DAVID WYLIE and the other was caught by DEAN LADRIDO from 6 yards out.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)

Season: 26-9 (.743)

San Diego (10/8/2015) – For the first time ever, this week’s preview will be a condensed version due to time constraints beyond our control. It just so happened to work out perfect because this week schedule isn’t going to be pretty. Only one game has a point spread in single digits and blowouts dominte the storylines. Here’s this week’s picks:




University City 38, CORONADO 13

Mission Bay 28, LA JOLLA 21

2015 Football League Predictions

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Coastal League

  1. BISHOP’S (3-2) – Let’s get one thing straight, this Knight’s team isn’t what they were last year. However, they are still the cream of the crop until someone knocks them off and that’s going to be a tall order to the rest of the league. The only difference is this year is that it’s not as far-fetched of an idea. Everyone should still respect the reigning champs though.

  2. LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (4-1) – The Torreys are somewhat of a mystery team right now. They have been absolutely dominate on both sides of the ball so far, out-scoring their opponents by a 225-99 margin. Having said that, the competition has been suspect so far by best. Now they must prove that argument against them is blasphemy with their play on the field.

  3. SFC (4-1) – This may be one or perhaps even two spots too low to rank this year’s Eagles’ squad. The talent is there for them to challenge for a title, but the elephant in the room is that they seem one year away from doing so. Given this team’s tradition, don’t count them out just quite yet…

  4. HORIZON (1-5) – Each school in the Coastal League is an injury or two away from disaster, but the Panthers are paper-thin and fatigue might hurt them when they start facing tougher opponents that know them much better.

  5. FRANCIS PARKER (2-4) – It’s never been more clear that the Lancers are in a true rebuilding year. A new coach taking over for a legend combined with all the roster losses from a year ago make it a difficult transition. If any program can turn it around quickly it’s definitely them, but it’s going to take some time.

Central League

  1. University City (4-1)

  2. CORONADO (3-2) – Don’t let the record fool you. Beating up on international teams seems to be the Islanders’ thing this season. They can beat everyone in this league except the one ranked ahead of them.

  3. Clairemont (3-3)

  4. San Diego (1-4)

  5. Kearny (1-5)

Western League

  1. Mission Bay (5-0)

  2. Madison (3-2)

  3. Point Loma (3-2)

  4. LA JOLLA (3-3) – So far the Vikings posted one of the most surprising wins of the year knocking off #9 Christian. They still lack the cohesiveness of last year’s squad which makes them a long shot to secure a league title this season

  5. Scripps Ranch (2-3)


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 5-1 (.833)

Season: 24-7 (.774)

Chula Vista (10/1/2015) – It’s a light week on the schedule with non-league games wrapping up and bye weeks’ are being used by several teams. There is however one huge game taking place by two very familiar foes. Bishop’s (3-1) and Mater Dei Catholic (4-0) faced off twice last season and the Knights won both, including a 19-16 overtime thriller in the San Diego Division IV C.I.F. Championship Game. So it’s no doubt that it’s the obvious choice for the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

After the last two weeks, it’s unclear what to make of the Knights. They could’ve easily won against St. Margaret’s if they hadn’t made so many mistakes. Last week – perhaps in a “sandwich” game – they just as easily could’ve lost against Hilltop in a game they were heavy favorites coming in and hung on by a missed field goal as time expired.

Now we really get to see what this year’s Bishop’s team is made of because hardly no one believes they have what it takes to win this game….I might be the lone naysayer and I have my reasons.

The Crusaders running attack is nothing new to their defense. In fact, they struggle much more against the pass, so it almost plays into their hands and their defense led by DANIEL ANDERSON and JUSTIN WOODLEY can shut down anyone on any given night.

Mater Dei also hasn’t seen a quarterback that can get the ball to MOZES MOONEY like JEFFREY JACKSON does. There’s a smooth connection between the two that looks like they are a pair of NFL vets that have been playing together their entire careers, but they’re only sophomores.

After their last two games, this is a major gut-check time for the Knights. If they want to regain the respect around the county that they’ve had in the past, this is the first step. They were six inches away from being a .500 team heading into this one and maybe all the media attention has gotten to their heads.

If they expect to walk onto that field and be anointed a win just for stepping onto the field they will go home with their tails tucked between their legs, but if they want to make something of this season and pull their heads out they can make a major statement. I’m still taking the latter of the two….Bishop’s 34, Mater Dei Catholic 28.

LA JOLLA (2-3) vs #9 CHRISTIAN (3-1) @ Granite Hills HS – Saturday 7

No one expected the Patriots to have a loss early in non-league play, but now the rest of their opponents on the schedule have to suffer because of it. The Vikings are coming off their first win since opening weekend and gave Christian a huge scare in last year’s 42-38 playoff game. This year’s squad is nowhere near coming that close again….Christian 42, LA JOLLA 13.

HORIZON (1-4) vs Palo Verde Valley (1-2) – 7

The Panthers are coming off a very disappointing loss last week in a game they thought they could win. Now they have to travel to Blythe and the hot desert heat to take on a Yellowjackets’ squad that practices every day in it. As if that weren’t enough, numerous injuries have key players out at key positions on a team that has had a roster of no more than 16 guys at any point this season. It sound likes a swarm is brewing….Palo Verde Valley 27, HORIZON 14.

University City (1-3) vs FRANCIS PARKER (2-3) – Saturday 3

The carnival that takes place on the Linda Vista campus every year is supposed to be a big celebration that ultimately ends in a huge football game with major ramifications on the line. That won’t exactly be the case this season. The Lancers are looking for answers in what can only be called a rebuilding year and it might not be pretty this time around….University City 35, FRANCIS PARKER 13.

Football Players of the Week — Week 5

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It’s not very often a player wins the award more than once in one regular season, but what the junior has been doing is just undeniable. In Friday night’s 51-0 win over Montgomery he threw for 373 yards on 22-of-34 passing and two scores. He also rushed for 4 more touchdowns. It was the fifth straight week he’s posted at least five TD’s and has done most of his damage playing only in the first half of games.




justin woodley

Playing with an over-sized cast on his arm, he led the Knights in receiving with 5 receptions for 85 yards. He made 12 tackles (4 TFL) and a deflected a pass. The junior also might have made the play of the game with an interception that he returned 32 yards to the 4-yard line. The Knights took their first lead of the game one play later and hung on to survive 19-17 at Hilltop.

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CORONADO 34, San Diego 22
Scripps Ranch 28, LA JOLLA 19
SFC 38, LJCD 13
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#8 Madison6-23-0332146
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University City6-21-1271140
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4. Westview1637-05
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