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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)

Season: 35-13 (.729)

San Diego (10/29/2015) – All apologies for being late off the schnide this week, especially with such a big game on the menu. There’s a slight chance the Coastal League could end up in a 3-way tie, but that’s no fun to talk about so we’re here to blab about the Coastal Sports “Game of the Season.”

Santa Fe Christian (7-1, 3-0 CL) shocked the world last week with its 51-8 victory over the reigning league champions. La Jolla Country Day (7-1, 2-0) has been picking on oppnents much bigger than them all season long, but those who haven’t packed much punch. The Eagles have proved doubters wrong and shut a lot of people up, but last week might have taken every last ounce of energy they had in them. The Torreys’ offense might just prove to be too much to handle with everything on the line….La Jolla Country Day 34, Santa Fe Christian 31.

Other Picks:

Bishop’s 48, Parker 6

Coronado 34, San Diego 13

La Jolla 27, Scripps Ranch 20


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)

Season: 33-11 (.750)

San Diego (10/22/2015) – It’s been a rough start to this year’s Coastal League play and momma taught me a long time ago “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all.” Finally, we will get some competition in the last three weeks of the regular season and that starts Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. When Bishop’s takes on Santa Fe Christian in the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

The Knights (4-3, 1-0 Coastal League) would like to erase last week’s game from their memories forever. They won the turnover battle 4-1 over University City, but thanks to 8 sack and 5 failed attempts on fourth down they were shutout in the second half of a 20-19 defeat.

That can’t be good news for their next opponent, no matter who it is…

It’s going to be a odd scene in Solana Beach and the pre-game ceremony for “Senior Night” should be short and sweet considering only one starter will be honored on an almost all underclassmen team.

Flying high on a 5-game win streak, the Eagles’ (6-1, 2-0 CL) offense enters the game on a roll. Having said that, they haven’t faced a defense like this or even close so far this season. It will be interesting to see how they react when they aren’t scoring at will and actually have to play a tough team.

The biggest match-up of the game will be Bishop’s MOZES MOONEY vs. the SFC secondary. The sophomore has virtually been uncoverable this season and the Eagles haven’t stepped onto the field against anyone close to his level of talent. They shouldn’t focus on stopping him because that won’t happen, instead they just need to try and contain him.

It definitely helps when CALEB PHILLIPS is the leader of the defense that gets faced with that challenge. Heading into last week’s game he led the county in tackles and currently sits third with 89. He’s also a threat as one of QB CONNOR WHITTON’s favorite targets offensively. Both will need to lead their respective units better than they have all year long and they are more than capable of it.

This will be the second straight year the game will be hosted by Santa Fe as the Knights have to play every game on the road this season while La Jolla HS get a new field. Bishop’s is the favorite to win it’s second straight league crown, but an Eagles’ upset isn’t really as far-fetched as you might think. However, to be the champ you have to beat the champs and until that actually happens it’s….Bishop’s 34, Santa Fe Christian 27.

LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (6-1, 2-0 CL) vs HORIZON (1-7, 0-2 CL)

@ Helix HS– 7

The Torreys are an unstoppable force right now and have yet to meet an immovable object. That’s not good news for the Panthers and unluckily their long season is only going to get worse this week. Expect a lop-sided score on the board at the end of the night because if no one else can stop the Torreys right now, don’t expect that to change this week….La Jolla Country Day 56, Horizon 6.

LA JOLLA (3-4, 0-1 WL) vs #8 Madison (5-2, 2-0 WL) – 6:30

The Western League is going to be decided on the final night of the regular season when undefeated Mission Bay and the Warhawks collide with it all on the line. The Vikings have only put together one good win all season and that was a shocking upset over a No. 9 ranked Christian team at the time. Don’t expect them to pull off another Top-10 miracle this time around….Madison 42, La Jolla 13.

CORONADO (3-4, 0-2 CL) vs Clairemont (4-3, 1-0 CL) – 6:30

The Islanders season has been unpredictable and they have lost some games they probably shouldn’t. Kearny embarrassed them last week and being winless in the Central League can’t be a good feeling, no matter who you are. Still they don’t have enough in them to go on the road and win one….Clairemont 21, Coronado 13.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 5-0 (1.000)

Season: 31-9 (.775)

San Diego (10/15/2015) – There have been a couple of blemishes for the Bishop’s Knights (4-2) this season, but now they have a chance to make a few statements before the end of the regular season. Currently they are the fourth seed in the Division IV playoff rankings and sitting right ahead of them is the University City (5-1) team they face off against Friday night in the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

We’re not worried about what happened last week or the week before or so on,” said head coach JOEL ALLEN. “We know we hold our future in our hands and we’re playing better as a team every week so we’re taking it one game at a time.”

You can name off all the Kinghts’ offensive stats until you’re blue in the face, but this defensive unit is one of the best around…

Defensive lineman DANIEL ANDERSON (6.5 sacks) is a star and demands a double-team at all times. That frees up linebackers RICHARD HAGESTAD (9.5 sacks) and JUSTIN WOODLEY (5 sacks) to do their thing. If you’re lucky enough to get the ball into the air JACK CASE (5 int) and MOZES MOONEY (4) lead a secondary that has 17 picks on the season.

The Centurions may only have one loss on their record, but they haven’t beaten anyone really good. Last year’s game (also played at UC) ended in a 42-13 win for the Knights, but this is a new year and a new team. Having said that, I think one team is starving to make a statement in the so-called “power rankings” floating around right now and I think they will….Bishop’s 35, University City 21.


Unfortunately for the Lancers, they are in a really down year and there are three very good Coastal League teams that they have no chance to compete against at this particular time. If that weren’t enough, for the second straight week they are faced with having to deal with a homecoming crowd. For the Torreys it’s an “Endless Summer” theme this year, but they have been making opponents feel like it has been an endless night on the field.

Junior RYAN LARICCIA leads all of San Diego county in tackles with 76 on the season and QB BRAXTON BURMEISTER hasn’t been stopped by any team this year. He’s averaging 265 yards a game through the air with 19 touchdowns to only 1 interception. On top of that, has 501 rushing yards and 15 scores on the ground.

Parker was shutout by SFC last week and now face a defense that has pitched two straight scoreless games while outscoring them 99-0. That sounds like anything but a recipe for success. It shouldn’t take the Lancers to be back soon, but for now….La Jolla Country Day 56, Francis Parker 0.

SANTA FE CHRISTIAN (5-1) vs HORIZON (1-6) @ Serra HS – 7

The Eagles only blemish this season came in a game against a top-notch Bishop Diego program in which they held a 21-10 fourth quarter lead. This young flock of juniors hasn’t dropped the ball since outscoring their last four opponents 191-16. What’s even more amazing is how well rounded their team really is because they play as a complete unit.

Their defense plays together with several helmets swarming to the ball from all over the field and every single player on offense that touches the play can score on any play. In fact, last week 8 different players reached the end zone so good luck scheming for that.

On the other hand, it’s been a long season for the Panthers to this point. They have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off not only trying to look for answers, but they are just looking for anyone that really wants to play right now. On a 15-man roster they’ve had several injuries over the last few weeks…so I think you can do the math.

Much like Parker, don’t expect this Horizon team to be on the down slide for a while. All it takes is more men on the sidelines and a few good players to do a complete 180 degree turn in the future, but in the present it’s….Santa Fe Christian 48, Horizon 6.

CORONADO (3-3) vs Kearny (2-5) – 7

The Islanders season has been pretty straight forward so far as they have beaten up on the three bad teams they faced and haven’t been very competitive against the good teams. Consider the Komets in that first group. They have losses on their resume this season to Monte Vista, Santana and even El Cajon Valley. This won’t be a blowout bit it will result in….Coronado 35, Kearny 20.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)

Season: 26-9 (.743)

San Diego (10/8/2015) – For the first time ever, this week’s preview will be a condensed version due to time constraints beyond our control. It just so happened to work out perfect because this week schedule isn’t going to be pretty. Only one game has a point spread in single digits and blowouts dominte the storylines. Here’s this week’s picks:




University City 38, CORONADO 13

Mission Bay 28, LA JOLLA 21

2015 Football League Predictions

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Coastal League

  1. BISHOP’S (3-2) – Let’s get one thing straight, this Knight’s team isn’t what they were last year. However, they are still the cream of the crop until someone knocks them off and that’s going to be a tall order to the rest of the league. The only difference is this year is that it’s not as far-fetched of an idea. Everyone should still respect the reigning champs though.

  2. LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (4-1) – The Torreys are somewhat of a mystery team right now. They have been absolutely dominate on both sides of the ball so far, out-scoring their opponents by a 225-99 margin. Having said that, the competition has been suspect so far by best. Now they must prove that argument against them is blasphemy with their play on the field.

  3. SFC (4-1) – This may be one or perhaps even two spots too low to rank this year’s Eagles’ squad. The talent is there for them to challenge for a title, but the elephant in the room is that they seem one year away from doing so. Given this team’s tradition, don’t count them out just quite yet…

  4. HORIZON (1-5) – Each school in the Coastal League is an injury or two away from disaster, but the Panthers are paper-thin and fatigue might hurt them when they start facing tougher opponents that know them much better.

  5. FRANCIS PARKER (2-4) – It’s never been more clear that the Lancers are in a true rebuilding year. A new coach taking over for a legend combined with all the roster losses from a year ago make it a difficult transition. If any program can turn it around quickly it’s definitely them, but it’s going to take some time.

Central League

  1. University City (4-1)

  2. CORONADO (3-2) – Don’t let the record fool you. Beating up on international teams seems to be the Islanders’ thing this season. They can beat everyone in this league except the one ranked ahead of them.

  3. Clairemont (3-3)

  4. San Diego (1-4)

  5. Kearny (1-5)

Western League

  1. Mission Bay (5-0)

  2. Madison (3-2)

  3. Point Loma (3-2)

  4. LA JOLLA (3-3) – So far the Vikings posted one of the most surprising wins of the year knocking off #9 Christian. They still lack the cohesiveness of last year’s squad which makes them a long shot to secure a league title this season

  5. Scripps Ranch (2-3)


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 5-1 (.833)

Season: 24-7 (.774)

Chula Vista (10/1/2015) – It’s a light week on the schedule with non-league games wrapping up and bye weeks’ are being used by several teams. There is however one huge game taking place by two very familiar foes. Bishop’s (3-1) and Mater Dei Catholic (4-0) faced off twice last season and the Knights won both, including a 19-16 overtime thriller in the San Diego Division IV C.I.F. Championship Game. So it’s no doubt that it’s the obvious choice for the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

After the last two weeks, it’s unclear what to make of the Knights. They could’ve easily won against St. Margaret’s if they hadn’t made so many mistakes. Last week – perhaps in a “sandwich” game – they just as easily could’ve lost against Hilltop in a game they were heavy favorites coming in and hung on by a missed field goal as time expired.

Now we really get to see what this year’s Bishop’s team is made of because hardly no one believes they have what it takes to win this game….I might be the lone naysayer and I have my reasons.

The Crusaders running attack is nothing new to their defense. In fact, they struggle much more against the pass, so it almost plays into their hands and their defense led by DANIEL ANDERSON and JUSTIN WOODLEY can shut down anyone on any given night.

Mater Dei also hasn’t seen a quarterback that can get the ball to MOZES MOONEY like JEFFREY JACKSON does. There’s a smooth connection between the two that looks like they are a pair of NFL vets that have been playing together their entire careers, but they’re only sophomores.

After their last two games, this is a major gut-check time for the Knights. If they want to regain the respect around the county that they’ve had in the past, this is the first step. They were six inches away from being a .500 team heading into this one and maybe all the media attention has gotten to their heads.

If they expect to walk onto that field and be anointed a win just for stepping onto the field they will go home with their tails tucked between their legs, but if they want to make something of this season and pull their heads out they can make a major statement. I’m still taking the latter of the two….Bishop’s 34, Mater Dei Catholic 28.

LA JOLLA (2-3) vs #9 CHRISTIAN (3-1) @ Granite Hills HS – Saturday 7

No one expected the Patriots to have a loss early in non-league play, but now the rest of their opponents on the schedule have to suffer because of it. The Vikings are coming off their first win since opening weekend and gave Christian a huge scare in last year’s 42-38 playoff game. This year’s squad is nowhere near coming that close again….Christian 42, LA JOLLA 13.

HORIZON (1-4) vs Palo Verde Valley (1-2) – 7

The Panthers are coming off a very disappointing loss last week in a game they thought they could win. Now they have to travel to Blythe and the hot desert heat to take on a Yellowjackets’ squad that practices every day in it. As if that weren’t enough, numerous injuries have key players out at key positions on a team that has had a roster of no more than 16 guys at any point this season. It sound likes a swarm is brewing….Palo Verde Valley 27, HORIZON 14.

University City (1-3) vs FRANCIS PARKER (2-3) – Saturday 3

The carnival that takes place on the Linda Vista campus every year is supposed to be a big celebration that ultimately ends in a huge football game with major ramifications on the line. That won’t exactly be the case this season. The Lancers are looking for answers in what can only be called a rebuilding year and it might not be pretty this time around….University City 35, FRANCIS PARKER 13.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 6-1 (.857)

Season: 19-6 (.760)

Coronado (9/24/2015) – There’s not a whole lot of intriguing match-ups in Week Five this season. For the first time in recent history, every Coastal League team will be favored in their respective games. That’s why we’re crossing over San Diego’s most well known bridge and hitting the island to see La Jolla take on Coronado in the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

The Vikings (1-3) could be considered in somewhat of a down year, but their schedule has hardly been anything to scoff at. After graduating a quarterback in that set a record for touchdowns, they are still trying to find their niche…they just never expected it to be on both sides of the ball.

Just ask Chip Kelly and he’ll say for sure that up-tempo spread offense is all fun and games if it’s working – but when it’s not – your defense is on the field more than they should be and through 4 weeks they have allowed on average 46 points. Even in their lone win on the season they allowed 42.

Close your eyes and forget everything you just read…La Jolla will win this game and here’s why.

The Islanders (3-1) might be the most one-dimensional team in the county. After their best player from last year’s team transferred to a school in Texas, it appears that all they have is a tremendous talent in running back CHRISTOPHER HAAS. The competition has been suspect, but still he has amassed 671 yards, 9 TD’s (10 total) on 72 carries.

What’s haunted La Jolla in the early part of the season is teams that can throw the ball. They have been even more susceptible against dual-threat QB’s that have the option to throw or run. Fortunately, Coronado doesn’t have that and is a one-man show.

The Vikings have won this match-up in each of the last 3 years by an average of 30-10. Unless the star of Coronado’s real name is Clark Kent and there’s a phone booth nearby expect it to….La Jolla 34, Coronado 20.

Rancho Christian (2-2) vs HORIZON (1-3) @ Helix HS – 7

For the second straight week the Eagles from the Temecula area will be facing off with a member of the Coastal League. Last week they were buried by SFC 51-10 and left for dead. The Panthers are coming off a similar type defeat after having their worst game of the year in a 49-7 loss to Santa Clarita Christian.

Our guys are really anxious to get back on the field,” said Horizon head man LAMONT BUTLER. “We’ve had a really good week of practice and have noticed a lot of things they do on film that we should be able to exploit.”

The Panthers roster size is slowly sneaking up the charts. It started at 12, then hit 14 and now sits at 18. Rancho Christian might be rolling 40 deep, but they didn’t impress too many people last week and that’s why the slight nod goes to….Horizon 20, Rancho Christian 16.

Montgomery (0-4) vs LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (3-1) – 7

The school’s motto on the LJCD campus reads, “Scholar Artist Athlete of Character.” It will be put to the ultimate test at Friday night’s home game versus the Aztecs marks their first annual “Celebration of the Arts.” Marching bands, ranging from 1st grade to high school will be performing at the half and there will be paintings and visuals all around the stadium for the crowd to take in that were made by the Torreys’ students.

Our arts department is really fired up,” said head coach TYLER HALES of the event. “It’s a great thing for the entire school and it should be a blast for everyone.”

Sure the Aztecs are much bigger in size, but with losses already on their resume to El Cajon, Santana and Clairemont something tells me it won’t be a blast for them. Unless they are familiar with the works of Art Vandelay, they might want to ever visit an art museum or gallery for the rest of their lives….La Jolla Country Day 41, Montgomery 6.

SANTA FE CHRISTIAN (2-1) vs Classical Academy (0-3) – 7

The Eagles have a bye week coming up, but they might as well sit around a fire singing “Coombiya” and roasting smore’s than worry about what the Gators have coming for them. This junior class from SFC is one bad half against Bishop Diego away from being undefeated and one of the top-ranked small schools in the state. One request at halftime from the Classical Academy band might be Prince’s “1999,” because that’s how much a highlight film might cost Eagles’ fans from this game when it’s all said and done….Santa Fe Christian 49, Classical Academy 0.

BISHOP’S (2-1) vs Hilltop (2-2) – 7

The Knights are coming off a disappointing 42-35 overtime loss and the Lancers are in no way a slouch if they don’t take them serious. They very easily could’ve hung 70 points on St. Margaret’s last week without all their mistakes, so it will be interesting to see how they will respond.

There’s not a soul in the world that could convince me head coach JOEL ALLEN and his staff won’t have them ready to….Bishop’s 41, Hilltop 7.

Santa Clara (0-2) vs FRANCIS PARKER (1-3) – 7

It’s definitely been an odd start to the new era of Lancers football. Obviously, in a huge state of transition without seeing it in person makes it all the more difficult to figure out. They did however get their first victory of the season last week over Calexico and now a new unknown opponent makes it’s way to Linda Vista. The Saints have been blown out twice so far this season, but that was against a pair of much bigger schools. Having said that, my faith lays in the new Lancers’ regime….Francis Parker 20, Santa Clara 10.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 5-1 (.833)

Season: 13-5 (.722)

San Juan Capistrano (9/17/2015) – We’re back after being clipped from behind with technical difficulties and we do apologize to everyone for that. It’s been a long time since that has happened to Bishop’s. The Knights (2-0) hold San Diego county’s longest winning streak at 15 games and it’s been 671 days since they last were dealt a loss. They travel up the coast to take on a feisty St. Margaret’s (2-0) team that has won 17 of their last 18 games and that’s what makes it the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

This will be a huge test for us and i’m excited about that,” said Bishop’s head coach JOEL ALLEN. “Our guys know they’re in for a battle against another small school that’s almost a mirror image of ourselves and we feel like we have something to prove.”

Just how similar are the two teams….

Last season, both teams went undefeated in the regular season and won C.I.F. championships. Both teams had a #2 on their roster that were named player of the year in their respective leagues. Heck, both schools even have an apostrophe in their names.

However, the Knights were almost unfairly held out of the state playoffs, while the Tartars advanced. They came down to face a Christian team – that some say was their best ever – and blew them out 48-21 to reach the C.I.F. State Bowl Game. They went on to lose to Central Catholic 31-19, but only lost 7 seniors off that squad.

Unfortunately the St. Margaret’s #2 Nick Shanks was only a junior then. The Tartans look to put the ball in his hands as much as possible with toss sweeps, quick screens, returning kicks and he’s also the holder for the kicker. Just last week he took the snap on a short field goal and out-sprinted everyone to the corner on the end zone.

The stars on the Knights’ defense have to shine brighter than they ever have before if they hope to gain respect with huge state playoff implications on the line. I could see Bishop’s extending their streak to 16 straight, but they will be the underdogs for the first time in what seems like forever. There’s no doubt this will be a blood bath to the end and playing on the road the favorite has to be….St. Margaret’s 21, Bishop’s 20.

SANTA FE CHRISTIAN (2-1) vs Rancho Christian (2-1) – 7

This match-up is for the birds…no really this is being hyped as the “Battle of the Eagles.” The two schools might share the same mascot, but the similarities stop right there. Santa Fe Christian has a long, rich history of being one of the top small schools in California and Rancho Christian is in it’s fifth year of existence.

It might be a newer school, but they have invested heavily into their athletic program,” praised SFC head coach JON WALLACE. “They have a bunch of really, really good freshmen so they have a bright future ahead of them.”

That doesn’t bode well for Rancho Christian because SFC is two years ahead of the grading curve with a bunch of really, really good juniors and the future is now.

One of those juniors that stood out in last week’s 41-6 win over Big Bear was HANK ONTIVEROS. The fullback/linebacker might only be 175 pounds, but he looks and plays like he’s 230 serving up pancakes breakfasts to any defender in his path. He recovered 2 fumbles in that game and led the team with 65 yards on 9 carries. He’s even being labeled by the SFC broadcast crew as “El Camino” because he’s like an old classic.

One of the players to watch for Rancho Christian is sophomore quarterback Carter Treadway. The three sport star (basketball, baseball) leads their spread attack, but unlike La Jolla who challenges you vertically it’s more of a horizontal attack trying to get guys in space to make a move. Another is 275 pound nose tackle Teddymax Talanoa who can disrupt an offense just with his size.

If this game were to be played next year, Rancho Christian with a little more experience at the varsity level might have much more of a chance. Playing their first home game of the season will definitely give them a boost, but the higher soaring Eagles will be…..Santa Fe Christian 41, Rancho Christian 14.

Crawford (3-0) vs LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (2-1) – 7

Friday is “Staff Appreciation” day on the LJCD campus. During the day, each member of the football team will be giving his white jersey to a teacher and it will be worn at the game by the recipient. Then there will be a halftime ceremony honoring all of the staff members with hand-written notes from students. One thing you can’t teach though is speed and stop me when you’ve heard this one before…the Colts have a lot of really fast athletes this year.

We have to try and keep them contained,” said head coach TYLER HALES. “They run the ball a ton and when they are all fast it only takes one wrong move or missed assignment and they’re in the end zone.”

If the Torreys’ offense keeps playing like they have been for the first three weeks of the season it won’t matter. Averaging 44 points per game with no signs shown of slowin down isn’t good news for Crawford.

We all know about their QB, but what has been lost in the cracks is just how good his receivers have been. Eleven different Torreys have hauled in a pass with BRENNAN GORING (13-195-3) and DAVID WYLIE (13-265-4) leading the way. However, CASEY MARIUCCI appeared in only the first game against La Jolla and caught 5 balls for 133 yards, 2 TD’s and appears on his way back onto the field.

He’s really been chomping at the bit to get out there again,” added Hales. “David (Wylie) has done such a great job for us kinda filling in for him that now we have even more weapons at our disperse.”

The only hope the Colts have is to not fall behind early and force some turnovers. If they can bust a few big plays and then control the clock with long drives they might have a shot. I think the Torreys’ teachers might give them an A- grade for their performance in the game when it’s over, but it would take a C or worse to not pass this test….La Jolla Country Day 35, Crawford 13.

Santa Clarita Christian (1-1) vs HORIZON (1-2) @ San Diego HS – 7

There might be fireworks in the air at Balboa Stadium Friday night and no…Katy Perry isn’t performing at halftime. Those could come thanks to the Cardinals’ passing attack. Through two games, junior quarterback Tristan Miller has thrown 718 yards and his top two weapons – Jacob Moss (16-332-2) and Michael Uribe (10-128-2) – are are going to cause problems. Then thers’s also the fact that their third and fourth options have combined for 16 catches, 199 yards and 5 scores.

They are very well coached and have really good spacing in their spread offense,” said Horizon head coach LAMONT BUTLER. “They are sound in everything they do, but I think we may have few better athletes so it will be a good test to show us where we’re at right now as a team.”

Luckily, for the Panthers, their defense has been their bright spot so far in the early going. They are coming off a shutout and have only allowed 10 pts/gm on their side of the ball. This will be a different kind of test though. With such a lack of roster depth will they be able to hang with a fast-pace offense? We will soon find out but for now the jury rules….Santa Clarita Christian 21, Horizon 14.

West Hills (1-2) vs LA JOLLA (1-2) @ Mission Bay HS – 5

This is one of those games that make you say hmmm. Neither team has a true home field advantage and both have lost to teams that are undeniably better than them. The Wolf Pack lead the non-league series 6-5 including a nail-biting 26-24 win last season. Away from their blue turf they are a different team and the team that’s going to get back to .500 is….La Jolla 27, West Hills 21.

FRANCIS PARKER (0-3) vs Calexico (0-2) – 7

The trip out to the desert just might be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Lancers to get away from everything. No doubt they are rebuilding, but they are improving. Last week they score 27 points against Mater Dei and that’s nothing to ever scoff at. This week the Bulldogs are gonna have their hands full. In a battle of the win-less the first team to get off the schnide is….Francis Parker 28, Calexico 10.

St. Mary’s (CAN.) (0-0) vs CORONADO (2-1) – 7

The Islanders non-league schedule wouldn’t exactly be considered murder’s row eh. For the third straight week they are facing a cupcake, but not much is known about this St. Mary’s team from Canada eh. Usually when a team is an international one and they only play 3 or 4 games a year it could be glorious or horrific eh. I’m staying positive against the unknown eh….Coronado 42, St. Mary’s 6.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 5-1 (.833)

Season: 8-4 (.666)

San Diego (9/10/2015) – If there was an award show last season to name the “Game of the Year” around the entire county, no one would have to look any further than the La Jolla-Fallbrook game. The two teams combined for 107 points and the final score was 55-52, but the Warriors (1-1) claimed the victory in the final 30 seconds of the game. That’s why this year’s Week 3 rematch is the Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

Even though the Vikings (1-1) had a quarterback setting records last season, they still could never win the close games late. Ending the season 6-6 wasn’t the tough part. The tough part would be where they would rack up 680 yards on offense only to lose on the opponents final possession.

La Jolla head coach JASON CARTER still has nightmares about that particular loss. To make matters worse, only 130 of those 680 yards last year were by an underclassman. Two-way star TRENTON FUDGE made 9 receptions for 130 yards and a touchdown in that game, but with a whole new offense around him, the senior needs more than an entire Game of Thrones cast to back him up to survive this battle….Fallbrook 38, La Jolla 27.

SANTA FE CHRISTIAN (1-1) vs Big Bear (2-0) – Saturday 1:30

There’s several rumors floating around the coast that the coaching staff of the Eagles scheduled a game up in Big Bear for a weekend round of golf and other shenanigans. It may look like that on the outside, but it’s actually the Eagles’ principal that has ties leading to this inaugural meeting of the two schools.

This is the first time we’ve ever played them so I’m just going completely off of what I see on film,” said head coach JON WALLACE. “They run the triple option well so we have to be discipline on defense.”

I have a feeling that this particular Santa Fe Christian squad is much more than about the X’s and O’s of the game. They are coming off a crushing 29-21 loss against one of the best small schools in So. California year-after-year in a game they held a 21-10 lead versus Bishop Diego while starting 22 juniors.

I really feel like we are going to definitely have some tough growing pains like last week with such a young group,” Wallace added. “They are so well-knit though we are going to get better faster than you can imagine.”

From what I’ve seen from SFC so far this season, they might be a year away from greatness, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they figured things out quickly and made a push for the Coastal League crown. I’m not exactly ordering a Fritos pie yet, but I’m definitely drinking the Eagles’ Kool-Aid….Santa Fe Christian 35, Big Bear 14.

Classical Academy (0-1) vs LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (1-1) – 7

The Torreys have a Division V match-up against a team that is the complete opposite of them. Running the ball and trying to control the clock is right up Classical Academy’s alley. However, boding well for QB BRAXTON BURMEISTER is that their defense gave up an average of more than 400 yards of offense a game last season and they still made it to the semifinal round against a team LJCD beat for the title.

I think we should be able to move the ball really well against these guys,” said a hopeful head coach TYLER HALES. “Our focus is to really try and get the running game going this week. That would really open up the field even more for us if we can crack that code.”

LJCD is also honoring local law enforcement with a special tribute for the anniversary of 9/11. At halftime any fan that donates by buying a nerf football with a tail has a chance to throw it into a trash can at midfield for prizes. It’s sadly going to take even more of a hail mary shot for Classical Academy to pull off a Tchaikovsky “1812 Overture”….La Jolla Country Day 48, Classical Academy 18.

Tri -City Christian (0-1) vs HORIZON (0-2) @ San Diego HS – 7

It’s the first week of school for the Panthers’ kids on their Clairemont campus. Oddly enough, it’s also homecoming week as well. In the long run, that doesn’t guarantee anything on the field, but no matter the outcome it should be an entertaining time.

We’re going to be in every game this year,” said head coach LAMONT BUTLER. “Even though we haven’t posted a victory yet, our defense is playing great. If they keep that up and we start producing some points we are going to be good.”

The Panthers’ defense has only allowed 16 points this season, but their offense is still learning on the fly. Like I said last week, Horizon must win a game with their anemic roster to get the nod….Tri-City 12, Horizon 10.

Mater Dei (2-0) vs FRANCIS PARKER (0-2) – 7

For a first year head coach taking over for a legend, the early season schedule couldn’t be much tougher than it is for the Lancers. Scrambling to find players is a very odd feeling on the Linda Vista campus. The Crusaders aren’t going to make things much easier....Mater Dei 35, Francis Parker 7.

Escondido Charter (0-2) vs CORONADO (1-1) – 7

The Islanders showed up last week and made a statement. It’s just unclear exactly what that statement was. Senior stud CHRISTOPHER HAAS rushed for 205 yards and 2 scores on 23 carries leading them to a 16-0 shutout over Village Christian. Now the White Tigers are being let loose on the Island, but unless your name is Siegfried or Roy that’s not much of a scary thought….Coronado 40, Escondido Charter 6.


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Smitty’s Selections

Last Week: 3-3 (.500)

Season: 3-3 (.500)

Mission Bay (9/3/2015) – There’s never been a season in recent memory where we learned so much in the first week of the season for each team involved. So much was the case for La Jolla in that it was the system – not the individuals – head coach JASON CARTER is using.

Record-setting numbers that were posted by the Vikings’ offense meant nothing to the Knights of Bishop’s last season and it feels like they won’t be that impressed with another Week 2 rematch of last season after their 42-7 drumming on La Jolla’s home field a year ago in the San Diego Coastal Sports “Game of the Week.”

Yes COLLIN RUGG threw for 46 touchdowns last year for La Jolla, but when you speed up the game like the new era of high school coaches are doing…throw out the old record books.

In my time, I’ve seen at least 20 better quarterbacks at passing the ball than Grossmont’s ANTHONY LAWRENCE and he now holds all the San Diego C.I.F. marks.

NEWS FLASH….stats will become a little absurd in those types of conditions on both sides of the ball. Just like last year though, the Bishop’s coaching staff is more focused on the defensive side of things.

This more than the first game will really let us know where we are as a team,” said head coach JOEL ALLEN. “This is a great bunch of kids/athletes and I think if everyone buys into doing their jobs we are going to have great results again…they are that talented as a group.”

If the Knights’ are going to parlay last season into a 15-game winning streak it first and foremost relies on linebacker JUSTIN WOODLEY and defensive tackle DANIEL ANDERSON to anchor their defense. All-around stud MOZES MOONEY can turn any play into a touchdown and that’s why I’m voting for….Bishop’s 38, La Jolla 27.

Bishop Diego (1-0) vs SANTA FE CHRISTIAN (1-0) – Saturday 2

The Cardinals from Santa Barbara are one of the top rated small schools in California year after year. They never seem to fall off, they just reload. The two teams have faced each other the last 3 seasons with Bishop Diego winning all three, but two came down to the final play.

It was widely known that Sweetwater was in a true rebuilding mode this season, but the way the Eagles dominated them was eye-popping to say the least. Starting 22 juniors, they all rose to the occasion. If that was considered a pop quiz, then this one is a final accounting for the majority of your grade.

We’ve played them tough over the years with a few heart breakers in there,” head coach JON WALLACE recalled. “Last week was a great win for this group, but now we really get to see what these guys are made of.”

Quarterback CONNER WHITTON has a touch on the ball SFC fans haven’t seen in a while and are excited about. Fellow Coastal Sports “Player of the Week” CALEB PHILLIPS is a force to be reckoned with and should be a household name sooner than later in the Solana Beach area.

It took 14 fourth quarter points for the Cardinals to win their opener 14-9. That Righetti team might be better than Santa Fe Christian, but the young flock of Eagles can make a huge statement throughout all the small schools of California with a victory. Look for SFC to go toe-to-toe for 12 rounds in this one, but they need to show they can hang with the heavyweights and provide the knockout punch before they officially get the nod. This one reads on the judges scorecard….Bishop Diego 12-9.

LA JOLLA COUNTRY DAY (0-1) vs Flintridge Prep (1-0)

@ Occidental College – Saturday 7

The Torreys played their hearts out in their offensive shootout with La Jolla last week. What was lost in that mix though, was the efforts of junior middle linebacker RYAN LARICCIA. To put it bluntly…he was in BEASTMODE, but no Skittles were involved. He finished the 52-42 defeat with 23 tackles (14 solo, 9 ast), 1.5 sacks, one interception, a forced fumble and a blocked extra point.

He really is the quarterback of our defense and to see how much he’s grown since the beginning of last year is really special,” admitted a proud head coach TYLER HALES. “He’s also our backup quarterback so he can really read the field on both sides of the ball.”

The Big Blue of La Jolla Country Day aren’t nearly facing another opponent like last week’s. If the Rebels were in San Diego County they would be just another Division V team the Torreys would dismantle with quarterback BRAXTON BURMEISTER at the helm. Anything but a double digit victory would be shocking….La Jolla Country Day 49, Flintridge Prep 27.

HORIZON (0-1) vs Maranatha Christian (1-0) – 7

After dropping a big thud in the season opener, the Panthers look to rebound against an Eagles’ squad that breezed to a 42-0 victory last week. Horizon looked lost at certain points last week and will need to cut down on the mistakes to have any chance at winning. Still with a roster of 12, maybe 13 they need to prove they can win one before they get the nod….Maranatha 28, Horizon 20.

FRANCIS PARKER (0-1) vs Hoover (1-0) – 7

This definitely doesn’t seem like a good time for the young and rebuilding Lancers to go up against one of the fastest teams in the county. In many ways it just doesn’t seem fair either. The Cardinals beat Monte Vista 37-26 in Week One and the score board might look worse this week if Parker doesn’t find some answers and quickly….Hoover 42, Francis Parker 7.

Village Christian (1-0) vs CORONADO (0-1) – 7

No one ever knows what to make of the Islanders, unless they are really good. That’s the only time people around the entire island get excited about football and show up to root on their team. The Crusaders pounded out 330 yards on the ground in their season opener against a tough team from Nevada. Unless, Coronado truly shows they care about football again don’t expect much in return….Village Christian 28, Coronado 13.


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